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Requesting A Fandom - Guidelines

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1Requesting A Fandom - Guidelines Empty Requesting A Fandom - Guidelines on Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:25 pm

Neo Enigma

Neo Enigma
Forum God
Forum God
As the other admins know. I have the fear of TK over-growing.

But in saying that nobody can stem growth.
So to satisfy both sides there is the new guideline system.

This is to help stop:
1) Unnecessary forums which seems good at the time but kind of run dry over time.

2) Stop single user spam

3) Stop irrelevant info being posted.

To request a new fandom and to have it added.
You must meet these new rules.

When adding:
Please include the name of both the fandom + fandomers name eg: [Lady Gaga - Little Monsters]

Please include the date that they were created.
And please include the date ( if they ended ) that they ended.

For approving:

A " dead " fandom forum will be removed after 30 days if at least 8 posts are not made in it ( This will increase as activity increases )

For a series that has ended ( Like Malcolm in the Middle or F.R.I.E.N.D.S ) One will now need 5 votes ( Admin approval will be abolished )

For ongoing series' one will now require 4 votes [Admin approval will be abolished]

Admin approval will be abolished unless it comes to sensitive fandoms such as playboy etc.
We would like to keep fanfiction the only smutty place ;D

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