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Forum Rules + Disclaimer

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1Forum Rules + Disclaimer Empty Forum Rules + Disclaimer on Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:46 am

Neo Enigma

Neo Enigma
Forum God
Forum God
king[Note: Launched in respect of June 26th 2013]king

Forum rules & regulations: 


  1. This is a fandom forum. Under absolutely any way, will fan-wars be permitted. The ultimate result of this will be a ban for anyone involved. We all know there is enough war as it is without unnecessary fighting. 
  2. [1.1] Under no way will " bashing / shading / bitching " about other fandoms or the fandom's leader will be tolerated. Those who participate in this will be "muted" for 2 days and if continued the "muting" will be extended.
  3. Spam is not allowed. [As in ridiculous "rijedfoisjdfaoifja" and the likes of it]
  4. Bumping of topics older than 2 months/"out of date" will be considered spam and the topic will be locked. Please PM an admin or a mod to delete or lock the topic. ONLY bump if relevant and you have a moderator/admin's permission
  5. Anything that is "graphical" MUST  be labeled " NSFW " which means " Not Safe For Workplace " If this rule is broken you will be muted for 7 days. Please keep in mind that the forum has users as young as 13. 
  6. Do NOT call out another member. Or single out members on the forum. This is considered bullying and sanctions will be severe. 
  7. Post in the correct topics. Your post will be deleted if this rule is broken. No matter how hard you've worked on it. 
  8. [7.1] Don't post your fandoms news in others sections. This will be seen as calling out and you will be muted. 
  9. Don't make complaint topics. If you have an issue please refer to the help section or PM a mod/admin. We're here to help and we'll glady help. 
  10. No more than 1 bump per 12 hours is allowed. If this rule is broken your topic will be deleted. 
  11. BE ORIGINAL. Do NOT claim other's works as your own or copy from others. Plagerism is not allowed. [But, We do allow the use of " inspiration " as long as you give credit to both user and topic you've gained it from] If you have news that you didn't find out yourself[which will almost be 100% of the time, please credit the site you got it from]
  12. Don't bully. You will be banned. If somebody is bullying you, screen shot it and send it to an admin. If it's fake you will be banned. 
  13. Please have respect for all users on the forum. Consider them when posting. Considering how they will feel about if you post a message concerning them. Consider the after effects. 
  14. IMPORTANT! - Do NOT create your own fandom thread. If you want it. PM a mod/admin. If we get at least 5 requests a section will be opened. [Note: You will be ignored if you do not have at least 100 posts on the forum]
  15. Have fun and enjoy your forum!



We at " The Kingdom " acknowledge all rights of users and this disclaimer does not affect your rights in any way. But merely has guidelines that will protect The Kingdom in the event of unforeseen events. 
We at " The Kingdom " and all staff reserve the right of the fair user and ownership act and reserve the permission to de-activate, ban, delete or further implicate sanctions without questionable reasoning under a unanimous verdict of the "bettering" of the forum. 

We take no responsibility for any actions taken by you when posting. All personal information is advised to be kept personal. Anything posted is beyond our control. Therefore The Kingdom and staff cannot be held responsible in any way. 
We at " The Kingdom " acknowledge ownership of original artists etc. We cannot control what is posted on The Kingdom, but acknowledge that all rights are respectively reserved for the original creator and upon request we can try to remove any unwanted material posted by request of the original creator.  But reserve the save rights as media and journalism. 
We at " The Kingdom " do not own nor claim to own any of the material that is posted unless it is written or composed or created by the actual artist. Plagerism is discouraged and will have sanctions. Upon fair use that is the best anyone can "implement"
We at " The Kingdom " do not take responsibility for any damage caused to property by means of downloads etc. we take everything in good faith to be free of viruses such as malware, trojans, spyware etc. and expect that all users have basic knowledge on internet usage such as scanning files for viruses before download. 
If any purchases are made on the forum we refuse to pay for liability as anything that will be sold respectively BY " The Kingdom " will be of merchantable quality. We cannot be held accountable for any sales induced by other members. 
We at " The Kingdom " take no responsibility for any of the ads displayed by forumation[the forum host] as we have no control over them. Any damage, sales etc. that is implemented are not under The Kingdom's liability therefore cannot be held accountable for. 
Also any updates done to the forum by forumation cannot be comprehended for as The Kingdom has no control over this. 
If users fail to abide by these sanctions such as banning will be implemented. 
By joining The Kingdom all users agree to abide by law and abide by the rules of these forums. 
The disclaimer stands upon E.U/U.S + International law, All rights are reserved and are not affected. 

We hope you enjoy your stay! 

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2Forum Rules + Disclaimer Empty Re: Forum Rules + Disclaimer on Thu Jun 27, 2013 7:42 am

ii like this and think it should be in the announcements or sticky.

crying at the disclaimer being in comic sans ms

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3Forum Rules + Disclaimer Empty Re: Forum Rules + Disclaimer on Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:25 am

Neo Enigma

Neo Enigma
Forum God
Forum God
Oop. Moving right now. xD

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4Forum Rules + Disclaimer Empty Re: Forum Rules + Disclaimer on Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:28 am

ok good!! that'll allow everyone to find it

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5Forum Rules + Disclaimer Empty Re: Forum Rules + Disclaimer on Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:40 am

Neo Enigma

Neo Enigma
Forum God
Forum God
It's on a global announcmenet meaning it's already in every topic Smile So there's really no need to move it.

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6Forum Rules + Disclaimer Empty Re: Forum Rules + Disclaimer on Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:01 pm

Neo Enigma

Neo Enigma
Forum God
Forum God
I have updated the forum with a new skin.
Some new features were added and some buttons were modified.
I will fix the header soon and supply a decent background.

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